Autran Biotech Co., Ltd is a modern high-tech enterprise along with a green environment- protected company in China based on generic drugs and plant pharmaceutical research as well as chemical pharmaceutical, active pharmaceutical ingredients, herbs extracted and organic herbs etc.

Since 2008 established, we stepped from generic drugs research, production and sales. Later we developed API, herb extracted and organic herbs etc. Along with business constantly expanded, every year the scheduled sale target is raised extremely as turnover. Because of a stronger research team we finish a high quality production relied on GMP certified manufacturers in Hunan and Jiangsu Province, and meantime to realize completely the industrial chains from a research to production and final sales and to win the converted advantage as a set of recycle system. We always insist in an operating principle of “innovative forever, success in you and us”. Until now we have formed a steady and long-term trade relations with a numerous pharmaceutical factories and trading companies in Korea and in Japan. Meanwhile we have marched up to EU, USA, Southeastern Asia and South America etc..To strengthen the core competitiveness is the direction of the our unswervingly to adhere.

At present we have owned the technology-matured, independent intellectual property new items for potential sales. Meantime an upgraded generic drugs and chemical pharmaceutical are being boosted in connection with the relative manufacturers or science research institution. So we believe that we have a capacity in future every year to show our new products to the markets so as to meet the upgraded demand of customers