1) Autran Biotech has been deeply involved in Chinese, Japanese and Korean pharmaceutical markets for many years and established a subsidiary in Seoul, South Korea. Different from other Chinese trading companies, Autran can independently operate the registration and sales of APIs in Japan and South Korea, and provide domestic partners with the latest market dynamics and customer needs in a timely manner.

2) Autran has its own drug database. According to information such as sales, indications, usage, patent status, and similar drugs, the huge database containing more than 1,000 API products information. Autran hopes to be an integrated solution partner for the customers.

3) As the concepts of "medicine and food homology" and "medical beauty" are deeply rooted in the minds of the people, Autran's business scope has gradually expanded from the previous pharmaceuticals to the current health food and cosmetics fields. Hope to create a "healthy" and "beautiful" industrial closed loop internationally, so as to realize Autran's mission and vision

The Japanese branch was originally planned to be established in 2020. Affected by Covid-19, the establishment is temporarily postponed. After the epidemic has stabilized, it will start as soon as possible.