Autran Biotech was founded in 2008, after 12 years of development and growth, it is gradually moving towards the direction of grouping. Focusing on the research and development of generic drugs and botanicals, we have the extensive business in pharmaceutical materials, finished products, herbs extracts, medical devices, health products, cosmetics, etc.

Building stable cooperation with more than 80 large-scale factories in China. The auditing, registration and market development capabilities are even more favored by the major domestic manufacturers. There are more than 100 international customers in the stable cooperation.

In 2017, Autran established a branch in South Korea while continuing to develop. In addition to the main business of the parent company, Autran Korea leveraged its local advantages to integrate auditing, registration, and business development to provide customers with a one-stop service, it won the unanimous recognition of domestic and foreign customers.

Autran has never been satisfied with the existing business scope. In 2019, Sinsin Biopharmatis, which focuses on the domestic health industry, was established. As a branch of Autran, it has exerted its efforts in factory production control, product line selection, market channel development, etc., and has truly realized an integrated company that runs through production and sales. Sinsin is not only engaged in imported health foods, but also under the business background of the parent company, it has developed its own skin care product brand-Kim Haru, which marks Autran Group's gradual progress towards branding.

Entering 2020, Autran has taken a more solid path of self-development. The Guangzhou subsidiary was established, which bears the group’s technical development needs for factory maintenance, new product research and development, and is an important part of Autran’s high-end industrial chain.

"Innovation brings infinite possibilities", Autran has never stopped, never rested on its laurels. It has always been Autran's tradition and the constant pursuit of the group. I sincerely thank all customers for their recognition and trust. In the future, Autran will create more possibilities for cooperation in more fields and in more ways.